My Poems

Two Poems

Thou art That

You are infinite in time and space,
You have no body, you have no face.
You are unbound,
You are the light, you are the sound.

You are our source, you are our sink,
You are our abode – where we eat and drink.
You are the one – there is no second.
You have no beginning – you have no end.

You are the mind, you are the intelligence,
You are our ego, you are our sense.
You are the whole, we are your part,
You are our soul, reside in our heart.

You are omniscient you have omnipotence,
You are absolute truth, you have real existence.
You are pure bliss, you are pure love,
You are the supreme, you are all above.


Dear My Beloved

Thru the light of the candle, thru’ the tinkle of church bell,
Thru the whistle and rattle of the last night mail,
Thru the sound of siren from the harbour ships,
Thru the dream of my good night sleeps,
Thru the gusty wind from the western sea,
Thru the murmurs of the leaves of tree,
Shall I send and ever shall send,
To thou my love, O Lord, my Friend!


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